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Ella Anne Kociuba

This Body Is Loved.

I've always been this crazy, fun seeking, half-naked, nature-loving child. 

My first sentence was actually, 'I'll bite you!', haha, I'm not even joking, I had a bowl cut and spent majority of my time either staying up  way too late doodling in my one of my many sketchbooks or I was out running around in the country barefoot with my dogs, riding my horses, or out getting lost at the river. And as I've grown up, I've come to found out that nature and art can be medicine to any ache and let me tell ya, my life has taken some twists and turns but I'm grateful for them all. 


My first turning point of my life happened rather young, it was 2007 and I was twelve years old, still full of life and giggles, also byy this time I was extremely dedicated in racing my horses in twenty-five and fifty mile events, but unfortunately one evening my world changed forever. 

One tragic fall and suddenly I was unable to walk or attend school anymore, I eventually had so much pain that I began to vomit every other day, the incident resulted in me fracturing my spine in different two places: the L4 and L5. 

We came to discover this only a year later, after five different failed doctors and various treatments which included but not limited to: a hard plastic back brace from collar bone to pubic bone, heavy narcotics, chiropractic care, decompression, laser therapy, physical therapy... I slipped more and more into depression as my body began to fail me. 

I finally went in for exploratory surgery in 2013 and during the procedure the doctor came to discover something bizarre that explained majority of my issues: I was born with a birth defect where the spine does not connect to the sacrum, so essentially the upper skeletal half is not connected to the lower skeletal half, my body built a block of bone that hid the two breaks and separation which lead to my many misdiagnoses. Oh and I also had a condition called Spondylothesis, where a vertebrae slips out of the spinal column towards the abdominal wall, I had this in four different vertebras. 

So this is how my life started, I learned to live in survival mode, it was just a way of life for me.

I was warned and told by doctors that I would never be an athlete again- HA! Boy did I prove them wrong, however, I didn't necessarily think about proving them wrong.. I just kinda did it cause I didn't now any other way to live, I just knew how to fight for what I wanted, I knew how to suffer in silence... And there was something greater inside me whispering me to be better, to push for more.. 

Be great, Ella Anne. 

And I listened. 

The Birth of: All Things Ella

In 2011 my athlete career truly began, I had just graduated High School at Liberty Hill with no real direction as to where or what I was going to do, but in the same exact breath, I did have one thing in mind and that was 'to be great.' 

And so greatness I craved, greatness I chased, it was all too natural for me really, I truly fell in love with pushing my body to the limit and beyond, I could finally be the athlete I had grown up wanting to be. 

However, the unhealthy obsession and relationship with trying to control my body began to uncrack. The depression and resentment from being sidelined for years and the relentless pain drove me into a madness

I turned into a different type of perfection. 

I had no idea I was about to loose myself in order to achieve 'greatness'. 

In the fall of 2011 I stormed into the endurance and obstacle racing circuit with a vengeance of becoming a well known champion.

I won my first ever Spartan Race by twenty minutes, out performing top professional X-Terra Athletes.

Before I knew it, I started making a name for myself without even thinking of it.

I felt like I had another chance at life and boom, just like that, it happened, I made greatness for myself off of chaos.

After winning a few races, my next chapter in life did begin, suddenly I was traveling all across America and into Mexico to compete professionally in obstacle and endurance events. I signed with Reebok Spartan Race, MHP Supplements, just to name a few and quickly scaled my way up to the top of the elites, becoming one of the youngest females to ever win and be signed to compete in obstacle races of the like, at one point I was ranked 4th World Wide.

Here's the plot twist though:

I lived a double life with my eating disorder my entire professional career. 

Being More. Being Committed.

I used to be someone who made microfiber tears in my esophagus multiple times a day for years all while competing in these events and races. Every single race I did, I did unhealthy. I spent many nights and days binging and purging my life away, I used to be so sad chasing this so called 'perfection', which in reality was my beloved monster, bulimia. And from then on, I realized my head will never be the same. 

After almost loosing my life to bulimia in 2013, I came to brutal realization that I needed help. 

When I finally opened up about my eating disorders in 2014 I soon realized that my pathway to recovering meant that my passion and job of being an athlete had to come to a halt. But to be honest, back then it didn't feel like a choice, it was either I was going to loose my life to this or I was leaving it. 

So I did just that, I saved myself, I left. 

My departure from the fitness world wasn't very easy, I was actually let go by two companies, one declaring, 'I looked fat and non-athletic' due to my eating disorder, one just claiming to be 'uncomfortable'.

I was devastated, hurt, frustrated, and confused, why? I kept asking myself, 

I was being real, I was being honest and I was just asking for help.. But 

instead I got burnt and dropped. 

It was a very rude awakening for me, but I tried my hardest to refuse anger to control me or to even allow myself to grow bitter, so instead I looked towards the opposite; finding love for myself and to work towards 

doing more of what made me happy and healthy. 

So I got to thinking, what did I used to do before I got so sick and lost with bulimia? Even before the many years that I spent growing up denying my depression and living with chronic pain?

Nature and Art. 

So here I am, pursuing my dreams of being an artist, the first love I ever had, one of the two things that has helped me keep my sanity. And I want to create as much positive art as I can for this world. I want to show everyone you can overcome, you can fight the good fight and make that shit look damn good too. 

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