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Ella Anne Kociuba

Common people say they don't know how to talk about themselves, but I'm not really all that common.. However, I seem to be hesitating with how to write this bio- so here is my life timeline instead. 

Born June 21, 1993, baby of four. 

3 years old: Started riding horses, growing up: I spent majority of my time running around naked with my dogs in the woods or doodling horses. 

6 years old: I began to compete in twenty-five and fifty mile horse races.

12 years old: I had an accident off my horse that ended up resulting in the L4 and L5 to break. The next year I spent struggling to walk, taking heavy narcotics, full back castings, and in and out of doctors. 

13 years old: Finally went in for exploratory surgery, discovering the breaks and a birth defect where my spine did not connect to the sacrum, I also had spondylothesis. I spent the next two years trying to get back to a normal life but it never returned, instead chronic back pain became the normality. To this day and until I pass, I am connected from spine to sacrum by four metal rods and six screws, my lumbar is also fused partially.

17 years old: Graduated high school at Liberty Hill High School (Class of 2011), and shortly after, I shaved my head and began to train. I also started practicing anorexic behaviors at this time. 

18 years old: After only 6 months of serious training and winning some small races locally, I crossed the finish line winning my first ever Spartan Race and landing my first contract to compete in obstacle and endurance events. By this time, I was full on bulimic but hid my problems for the next few years under the spotlight. 

19-22 years old: I held multiple sponsorships and traveled across America and Mexico competing mostly in Spartan Races. I was the youngest female to win and go pro for Spartan Race and at one point ranked 4th world wide. But I also, was severely bulimic the entire time, so in 2014 I went public over my eating disorder. I also enrolled into Massage Therapy school the same year and self-published my first book. During these years of competing and illness, I barely picked up my sketchbook. And shortly after opening up over my eating disorder, I was let go by a close sponsor. Hurt real bad by the incident, I soon realized I had to leave the fitness industry in order to get better, however, I still tried to finish out some contracts and compete (2015-2016). I spent these years relapsing in private- trying hard to find my flow. 

24 years old: (2017) I returned to sketching and started hiking around with my dogs again, just like I used to do when I was little. I started doing everything that made me feel loved and then suddenly, everything seemed to calm down. I  found myself so far away from my eating disorder with each piece I created.. Art has healed me, art has given me my flow back and with that I will never leave it. 

25 years young now and soon to create all over this world. 

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